Where We Stand on Ingredients

Best Shot Crafts Safe Products Offering Legitimate Purpose, Value and Results!

Humanizing pet products is resoundingly evident among pet food companies.  It’s no surprise the pet shampoo category among others have followed suit.  However the natural, organic and healthy attributes sought for in our pet’s food don’t exactly crossover into pet shampoo.  Marketing pet shampoo should not be a matter of telling you what you want to hear, but rather explaining the truth you need to know!  

We know it’s impossible to be all things to every customer.  Integrity and transparancy are what sets us apart.  Pet food is ingested, metabolized and essential for an animal to live.  However pet hair is not alive!  Pet shampoo and conditioners are merely rinse off topical products for cleaning and coat maintenance.  Granted good hygiene contributes to overall health, but portraying shampoo in the same manner as food is fundamentally misleading.  Sadly misinformation happens shamelessly every day among many mainstream consumer brands vying for brand prominence.

We respect one’s personal ingredient preferences and right to choose safe trustworthy products.  As a result, ingredients are conveniently disclosed here on our website located within each product’s description at the bottom of its page.

We understand how some people wish the ingredients found in their grooming products matched those in food.  If only it was that simple.  Nonetheless hair and skin care chemistry greatly differ from that of food.  Best Shot has mindfully engineered its formulas for specific function and superior finish effect upon your animals coat and skin.

We chose wisely in relying upon a proven mix of ingredients including some natural, organic, and cosmetically engineered.  Each ingredient is sourced from sustainable earth-derived, botanical or mineral origins.  These include state-of-the-art surfactants and advanced silicone technology working in unison with relevant natural extracts and proteins.  All shampoo and conditioners featured here are safe to use on animals and humans.  Each one is individually pH balanced for its specified task.

We acknowledge some ingredients listed in our products are subject to a range of unfair deceptive marketing practices and flagrant internet hoaxes to lead one into believing they are unsafe.  These are sad examples of blatant misinformation and false statements found online and throughout social media that everyone must sift through to find the truth.   

We stand behind our ingredients, which are backed by over a centuries worth of credible science, research and historic fact.  It’s important to note that Best Shot products are soap free, therefore offering a broader range of cleaning, conditioning and effect without the mineral build up and limitations associated with saponified oils (soap).

We will gladly assist you!  If you have a concern or technical question please reach out to us.  

Dave Campanella
Sales & Marketing Director
Best Shot Pet Products Intl., LLC