Our Story

We emerged from a long, genuine passion for animals and a commitment to make a notable difference in the pet grooming industry. We are backed by decades of experience in human haircare, breeding show quality dogs & horses, grooming and boarding. Our company launched in 1988 and incorporated in 1990.

Our renowned 3-Step approach to grooming produces remarkably healthy skin and coats without any buildup or oily residue. Professionals understand how Best Shot and its proven methods are a godsend for mats, tangles and shedding. Pet owners are simply amazed by the results and thrilled with how great their animals now look, feel and smell!

Best Shot remains committed to producing the highest quality coat and skin care products for horses, dogs and cats.  Passion for what we do runs deep throughout the company.  We use Best Shot on all our beloved four-legged family members and ourselves.  We are so proud to offer our amazing products and expertise to you too!

Welcome to the Family!