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Equine Trial Offer
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Use on Alpacas, Bunnies, Cattle, Donkeys, Goats, Llamas, Pigs and Sheep too!

Try Best Shot Equine, M.E.D. Wellness & ONE SHOT  Products for only $26.95

Pick your assortment at a reduced price and we'll pay the shipping!

(Limit one per offer. Free shipping only applies to designated trial offers and not to any other items added to your order.)

Offer A:     Features our 'original' Equine Ultra Wash, Equine Plenish & Equine Vitalizing Mist in 16 oz.. 

Offer B:     Try our ONE SHOT Dry Clean Spray, Deodorizing Shampoo & Whitening Shampoo in 16 oz. 

Offer C:     Features 16 oz. bottles of M.E.D. Rain Rot spray & 12 oz. Chlorhexidine Shampoo & Topical.

Offer D:    Try our 16 oz. Natural Bug Spray. Lemonaid Oatmeal Shampoo, along with our Equine MIst.

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